My approach to wedding photography is one of a creative director. My goal is always to capture evanescent raw moments, genuine reactions as well as the painterly statement portraits you see in many of my work. It's important to me that you enjoy every min and have fun. Achieving this is a delicate balance between guiding you through the movements and letting the moment unfold in addition to directing and setting up the environment - the composition of the image. 

This all requires trust, Building that level of trust really starts with day 1 - our 1st consultation - where we begin to discuss your vision and details.  I create custom quotes for my couples to fit their exact needs. 
My relationship with you is at the core of the wedding experience I've created. It has been incredibly rewarding. When I first set out on this journey, little did I know I would go on to photograph many milestones for my couples including maternity and newborn sessions.. That level of trust to continue telling their story is rooted in professionalism, kindness and care. 

You guys are incredible. The mount of preparation and dedication you've put forth is so impressive. It really felt as if you were dear friends participating in all the fun leading up to the wedding and enjoying the celebration with you



Looking through the wedding album of the Mother of the Bride, has and will always be one of our favorite experiences when we meet with our couples. We get to experience a glimpse of their spirit as they re-live their story that otherwise may not have ever seen. We are passionate about continuing this tradition with our couples. We want your children and your loved ones to experience your story, and get to know you through your journey over the years. 

We have now had the privilege of photographing the journey of a new family through their engagement, wedding day, maternity, birth and newborn family portraits. We are deeply moved by the details we notice as new experiences mark their journey over the years. We are humbled by the trust this experience of telling one’s story over the years has created between us. We are in awe of the joy our couples bring into our lives. We are forever grateful.


I offer limited amount of weddings, bridal boudoir sessions and elopements each year. 
To see if your date is available and get information on prices, please contact me either through the contact form or at with your date, venue ( if you have it) and as many details as you can provide. 
Looking forward to learning more about you and your partner !


" B was my superwoman on my wedding day. The level of attention they pay to detail is unreal! They anticipate your needs before you even know about them. They capture real moments in a beautiful way"

" Those photos are a gift I'll never be able to repay"

It was my lucky day the day I met the Animus Art team at a bridal expo and won their free engagement photo shoot. When my (now) husband and I met with them over coffee (the way to their hearts, I found later) to talk about the shoot, I hadn't intended on choosing our wedding photographer then. We ended up loving their work so much...but more importantly, we fell in love with them as people. They have such a passion for what they do and for the people they work with, and it shows through in every conversation, every laugh, and every photo. My husband and I stayed after they left to discuss it, and we decided that day to choose them.

We had lofty goals for our engagement shoot. We wanted to do a Pixar-inspired theme. I'm a perfectionist and had a vision of what I wanted. What we got was so much more. For our wedding photos...they captured moments I didn't know I needed. Some of my favorite shots are candid photos only their eyes would have seen.

And once we found out we were pregnant, we immediately turned to them to not only help us capture the maternity and newborn moments, but the birth process as well. That's how close we've become with Pedro and Burcu...they were the only people we trusted to be in the room the moment our first child was born. The photographs are more than I could have hoped for, and looking at them brings tears to my eyes. They were able to capture so many emotions, and those photos are a gift I'll never be able to repay.

I can't recommend them enough, and there aren't words for how much their dedication to those precious moments in our lives means to me. I can't imagine a special occasion without them...not only as photographers, but as friends.

mr.+mrs. Purnell

"Animus-Art are the most amazing photographers! They have been on our wedding journey for over a year! From engagement pictures to my boudoir photo shoot for my new hubby to our wedding. Theyare now like family they helped with everything all the way down to helping my nervous groom get his tux on just right. We love them and appreciate all our beautiful pictures. I have never seen talent like there's! We couldn't be more happy we chose them I would recommend them 100 times over again! They made our journey so special and so beautiful."



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