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7 breakfast choices for busy lives

Healthy Breakfast Options Wedding Photographer Blog

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B and I met at MIT, and became instant friends… Not so much.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I yelled at her although now neither of us can remember why. 🙂  Fast forward to today, and we’re delighted to for you to join us at our weekly #winedates.


         B: I just want to drop in and point out that this is a true story! 


I’ve been a huge fan of Animus-Art Photography since their inception.  Following the journey of this super talented photography duo has been amazing.  So when I was invited to guest write for their blog, you can imagine my excitement!  



As a Neuroradiologist, I’ve been behind the scenes helping people for some years now.  Trust me when I say, I know how hard it is to balance a busy career with a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Half way through my residency, I finally decided that adopting a healthier lifestyle was necessary for me to keep up with my job.  As result, I have a strong passion for encouraging healthy habits, work life balance, and general wellness.  I would love to hear from you about your journey towards a healthier life. 


To read more about me and the medical disclaimer you can click here.


 As brides to be, you’re juggling work, family, and wedding planning.  I know that foremost on your mind is looking your very best on your special day.   Unfortunately, the day can certainly arrive faster than you expect, and, you may find yourself trying to crash diet or aggressively exercise in the weeks before your wedding.   While you may see some results, this is certainly not going to give you a healthy glow.   Rather, adopting healthy habits that lead to healthy lifestyle during your year of wedding planning will help you look #amazing!  (And for you wedding industry professionals out there, trying to stay healthy with a crazy schedule, this one is for you too).


Let’s start with a bang.  Breakfast!  It’s the easiest meal to skip.  B and I did for years, and you probably have also missed your fair share of breakfasts.  The day starts with date with your cup of joe and before you know it, it’s lunch time and you’re starving.  

There are studies that support breakfast as being an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Also, eating a nutritious breakfast helps to curb overeating later in the day and is generally associated with lower weight, and better blood pressure control. In fact, a Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School study concluded that in a cohort of men, eating breakfast was associated with a lower risk of coronary artery disease.  So, ladies, get your man on this, or better yet, this is something you can do together. Obviously, the article is not saying that eating breakfast alone is going to prevent a heart attack.   Rather, it’s just an example of how a healthy breakfast may promote habits that lead to real health benefits.  


Here are seven of my favorite breakfast options.  First of all, all of them are easy to make and bring to the office so I love them!  In addition, they are relatively low in saturated fats, they are filling and provide a good balance of protein, fiber and healthy carbs.  


  1. Chia pudding Chia is making a comeback as a superfood filled with antioxidants and healthy fiber.  This is easy to make the night before. So you can just bring to the office along with a bag of fruit or nuts.        B: I did not know about this one! She blew my mind bcoz yes if you are thinking chi-chi-chia! you are correct same seeds you guys! #mindblown
  2. Yogurt parfait Low fat option with a good balance of protein, calcium and fruit.  Also, its delicious! 
  3. Egg cups High in protein and you can fill them with healthy vegetables.  Best part is, you can prepare them the evening before and enjoy it the next day.                         B: I call #datenight!!
  4. Oatmeal A love/hate relationship for many.  High in fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and low in cholesterol and fat. In addition, you can experiment with adding some cinnamon or fruit.
  5. Avocado Toast Avocados are packed with vitamins, potassium, fiber, and healthy fats.  You may have heard that avocados are high in fat.  While this is true, fear not, avocados are high in monosaturated fats which are actually heart healthy (of course, everything in moderation).  
  6. Acai bowl Best made yourself to keep the sugar content low.  A tasty filling way to get lots of fruits and even some spinach.  
  7. Bran muffin You’re running late and you don’t have time to pack your breakfast.  Instead, you stop by your favorite coffee     place….sound familiar?  Try to go for a multi-grain or bran muffin.  High in fiber, low in fat/cholesterol.  Enough said.  


 Therefore, we suggest to start with breakfast, to eat less office candy, and you’re already on your way to picking up good habits that will help you look your best on your wedding day. For you photographers and professionals, here’s to starting a healthier lifestyle!




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  1. Shelby Tyner says:

    I was in the market for new options for breakfast! Now I have them! Thank you!

  2. Ashley says:

    I love this! And woo hoo I feel healthy, I’m already eating a few of those!

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